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Tarifa, at the southernmost tip of mainland Europe offers 335 days of sunshine per year, the Atlantic Ocean and unspoilt nature. Tarifa Van Life offers the perfect opportunity to live in your own van, research the area and focus on what you will need to do to escape the cold and drudgery of city life and office work permanently. 


The goal is to live wisely in a complex world.  Off grid sites are free from controlled utilities and committed to renewable and sustainable living.

Solar energy and natural water from the mountains allows smart frugality leaving more capital to invest in effective choices for the future. Tarifa Van Life is about being free to choose.


Free the mind and live by choice and not by chance. By leaving the normal 9-5 routine you can adapt and focus on strategies for a viable future in uncertain times. With the sun on your back, the sound of the sea and the chance to be true to your dreams, Tarifa Van Life is the perfect first step to effective life changes.


Motivated by local people growing their own produce we set up a greenhouse and four planting beds. Having chosen lettuces, tomatoes, egg plants, red peppers and onions for our first attempt we are now eating our own crispy lettuces and awaiting our first crop of tomatoes. Conil de la Frontera at 45 minutes has great garden centres with a healthy variety of seedlings to begin with. Getting good earth for planting takes time and we are always learning something new from our neighbours. It's rewarding work and it makes one appreciate biological produce and how much harder it is to produce natural crops without sprays of any kind. We've set up our solar showers and are slowly but resolutely moving towards a more sustainable lifestyle.


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